An edit of some of the audio captured on my phone from the past two years

[headphones recommended]


Submerging homeopathic bottles in water, humming along with an electrical box in a university, an alarm sounding in the science building in a university, a child singing with her mother in a supermarket, a tea trolley being pushed through a quiet canteen, introduction to the Pirate Store in San Francisco, music from an arcade game at Coney Beach in Porthcawl, an excerpt from an interview with one of the organisers of a community garden / activist space in Oakland California, bird singing in a park in San Francisco, my grandmother who had Alzheimer’s giving me life advice, audio from visits to my grandmother with my mother and father, a choir singing outside in Copenhagen at Christmas time, frogs singing in Laurel Canyon in LA, birds, footsteps and bells at Swansea University, a seasonal Chinese game being introduced and played at a friends house, the sound inside a cave on the edge of San Francisco, a squeaking automatic door and a prize giving event at a university, something which creaks (can’t remember where), friends in the pub in Swansea, a freight train in the Mojave Desert, bells from Swansea University, the sound made by a wind sculpture at the Center for Land Use Interpretation site in the Mojave Desert, wind and rain drops recorded in my parents garden, audio from one of the final visits to my grandmother with my parents.