Agder Kunstsenter, Kristiansand, Norway. July 2016

Fern Thomas, Ingrid Forland, Pia Eikaas, Owen Griffiths and Vebjørn Guttomsgaard Møllberg.

Office in Bed is an on-going and evolving title that a collective of artists from Norway, Denmark and Wales have arrived at to explore the act of working from your bed,  the marginilsation of the domestic as non work,  the occupation of life by work. The erosion of the liminal and soft spaces we need by work , capital and regeneration and the way we reclaim and re-create these spaces in other ways, through artworks, shared experiences and community.

The exhibition was a combination of research, friendship and process. The central object was a moveable ‘pizza’ bed where the slices could be manipulated and changed depending on who was occupying the space. A zine was produced for the exhibition with contributions from Henrietta Heisse and Luca Frei.

Supported by Wales Arts International and Cultiva Ekspress.

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